New Building

GRC at Night

GRCS at Night


August 2009

Structure of the Stable Block August 2009
The outline structure of the stable block and the Office Complex on the first floor is complete
Inside the Stable
The stables inside the verandah , the walls are plastered now the floor of the stables is next. Although the stables are 15 feet wide they to allow the horses to see each other and be part of a pack.
Ventilation in the Stable
The design of the stables has taken into consideration the heat of the Punjab and plenty of ventilation had been provide for the horses. In addition AC and electrical ceiling fans will also be added.

February 2009

Gujrat Race Club Construction February 2009
The Stables are now taking shape. The stables are now nearly 7 foot high.
Gujrat Race Club Hard work in progress!
Hard work in progress! The corner stable block and the pillars for the veranda in steel are visible. The veranda will prevent overheating of stables.
Underneath the Mango Tree
The tack room is being constructed under neat the mango tree. To provide cool air and shade in the summer heat of the Punjab.

Januarary 2009

Residential Block of Gujrat Race Club
This block will be refurbished and will become the Staff Residential Block.
The West Block of Gujrat Race Club
The West Block will have Gujrat Race Club offices on the first floor with stables on the ground floor.
The construction of the corner stables
The construction of the corner stables and the access for the horses can be seen , as can the verandah to provide shade to the stables.
Stable Foundations
The foundations are laid for the stables, they look small but the width is 15 feel!. The fertile land surrounding the Race club can be seen. The ground is soft for the horses.