Gujrat Race Club – Horse Information

Janurary 2010  Gujrat Race Club on a Misty Morning

Gujrat Race Club on a misty January morning in 2010. The building is almost complete; the sand path at the front is uses by the horses when leaving for a canter. The horses are behind the screens of the verandah to keep them warm.
Horses are Being Exercised
On a sunny January morning horses are being exercised. People enjoy the walk , trot ,canter and the gallop of the horses.
The Horse Trainer
The Horse Trainer, Ali Ansar is not too happy with the Work Rider! Care of the horses is paramount to the success of the horses at a race.
The Work Riders and Grooms Wash the Horses Daily
The Work Riders and Grooms wash the horses daily, its helps them build a relationship with the horses.

December 2009 – Horse Temporary Stables

First lot of Horses Arrived at Gujrat Race Club
In December the first lot of horses arrived at Gujrat Race Club. Painting of the building has began.
Gujrat Race Club Office Block
The GRC Office Block above the stables has been painted and nearly complete.