Chairman Meets Community Leaders

3rd of December 2008

Champion Lahore Race Club Trainer visits the site for Gujrat Race Club
Today famous Champion Lahore Race Course Racehorse Trainer Tauqir visited the site for Gujrat Race Club at the invitation of the Chairman Ahsan Mohammed. Mr. Tauqir inspected the site for the stables and the race track and made many recommendations for the site.
Lahore Race Club Trainer Tauqir chose this site as the most suitable for race track, there trees on the right will be relocated and sand and rubber added to make the ground easier on the legs if the thoroughbred horses.
Easy Transport to Lahore
On race days at Lahore Race Club or Karachi Race Clubs, horses could be easily be transported there and participate in a race

2nd of December 2008

Chairman’s Vision for Education and Employment
Today the Chairman of Gujrat Race Club had a grass roots meeting with Community Leaders , parent and children to discuss his vision to provide Education and Employment for the people of Gujrat and the surrounding area. Mr. Ahsan informed those attending that we would be building a Race Club and also a Stud in the area. Those attending were very eager to hear in details what his plans were.
Meeting in a local School
A large number of people attended the meeting at the school , there were much question and people were surprised at Mr. Ahsan jokes and his command of the Punjabi / Urdu languages although he had lived in the UK for 42 years, they found this endearing. They were also surprised and pleased that someone had decided to invest in their area.
Cheque for Ambulance
In the meeting Mr. Ahsan asked “If there any social issues I can help with? “ The community leaders said that there was no ambulance in the vicinity, the nearest one was sis miles away. After much discussion a committee was set up to fund raise for it. People had shown concern that a number of expectant mother had died due to the lack of an Ambulance. Mr. Ahsan asked his secretary to write a cheque for 200,000.00 Rupies to assist with the purchase of the Ambulance. This has then handed to the new Committee.
Cheque of Rs. 200,000 for the Community
Mr. Ahsan handed over the cheque to the new Committee chairman but insisted that the community must help its self by making its own contribution to the good cause. He said that “ No community can develop or progress by handouts but must have an inner urge to help its self, others are just helpers, you must lead the way for your own success”
Private Moments
After the meeting people wanted to have closed interaction with Mr. Ahsan and talked to him at length, and wished him luck and success with the project building and developing his Gujrat Race Club. They looked forward to their children working with horses.
Further Interactions
For further discussions, the locals invited Mr. Ahsan to their homes for tea

1st December 2008

Community Meeting: 1st December 2008 Ahsan Mohammed Meeting Community Leader Meeting leaders of the community to discuss his plan to develop a Race Course at Jaura . This will develop employment for the local community and skill young men and women in horse care and management at international standards.
Prayers for Meeting: At the meeting it was agreed that full support would be offer to Mr. M. Ahsan for the development of the Gujrat Race course and prayers were said for its success.
Lunch in the Meeting: To inaugurate and celebrate the Gujrat Race club lunch was provided to all attendees at the meeting. Much discussion occurred over lunch.
Plan for Gujrat Race Club:
Mr. Ahsan spoke for two hours ‘outlining his plan for a Race Club at Jaura. He was very clear what he wanted to achieve and discussed that high skill level training and employment for Work Riders, Jockeys and Grooms would be offered. Mr. Ahsan also said “I want to have an excellent English Language School and an Information Technology Academy attached to the Race Club, so that local children would not have to travel to Lalamusa city for these skills and education. People have said to me that Lalamusa at over 10 miles is too far for school children to travel on a daily basis”. “ I will do my best to help”
The Elders and Leaders:
The Elders and Leaders were quite enthused by the concept which were presented to them, some of them had been developed by Mr. Ahsan in Newmarket, England where he had lived since March 1967.
Thoroughbred Breeders Association Annual Awards Januaray 2008 in London England
Thoroughbred Breeders Association Annual Awards 2008. Mr. Ahsan with a top British award winning horse breeder in London.
Newmarket Festival Sports Dinner July 2007
Newmarket Festival Sports Dinner July 2007
Gujrat Race Club Chairman with guests at the Newmarket, England Festival Sports Dinner.
Trophy Presentation at Lahore Race Club February 2003
Mr. Ahsan at Lahore Race Club preparing to present a trophy to the winning jockey.